Fred Nile holds government to ransom

As reported on tonights ABC News. Fred Nile has demanded the removal of the Ethics Classes in order to get his support for the controversial public sector wages bill. Education Minister Adrian Piccolli has reportedly stated that this will not be happening, however, we would like you to contact your MP, especially if you are in a Liberal electorate.

This has now been covered in the Sydney Morning Herald (July 19)

We have set up a page to help you find your MP and send a message.

4 thoughts on “Fred Nile holds government to ransom

  1. Have just heard Andrew Stoner (Dep Premier NSW) stating that the Ethics Classes are here to stay. That’s good to hear.

  2. State schools should provide the option of ethics classes for children. This is well overdue and I hope that the government is not swayed to deviate from it’s committment to do the right thing in providing this option.

    My children have enjoyed the option of ethics classes in their private school for 3 years. Our experience is that it is an excellent alternative to the religion classes. State educated children should at minimum have the option of an “ethics” class as opposed to religion classes. I went to a Catholic school I went to as a child. While we studied a variety of religions which was a good cultural education, we were also brainwashed about christianity. The state should never choose one religion eg christianity to foist on innocent impressionable kids. Children need to be taught that there is intrinsic value in “doing the right thing” rather than to do so because of religious beliefs.

  3. Dear Mr Nile, your behaviour in attempting to hold the government to ransom is unethical, have you ever considered that?
    Patrick Flanagan

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