Barry O’Farrell caves in to Fred Nile’s demands

In response to threats from Fred Nile, Barry O’Farrell has agreed to consider Nile’s proposed legislation to remove ethics classes.

This move is incredible in view of the weight of public opinion behind ethics classes, evidenced by opinions expressed in the media, P&C support and the army of ethics class volunteers. Even the Anglican and Catholic churches, so vehemently against the classes during their introduction, have expressed their support.

It is vital at this time that O’Farrell and all of our representatives in NSW parliament are reminded of this support.
Write to your MP and to O’Farrell now to express your view.

2 thoughts on “Barry O’Farrell caves in to Fred Nile’s demands

  1. Does Barry O’Farrell and his party not understand that he will be discredited by supporting Nile’s position? Nile’s action appears to suggest he has no interest in ethics, only in his own power. This stand does Nile no credit and it will do O’Farrell government no credit either. Another solution is needed.

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