Charitable Status Rejected – Have Your Say

The Federal government has rejected Primary Ethics’ application for Deductible Gift Recipient status.

So all donations to Primary Ethics will continue to be taxed, and Primary Ethics loses a significant potential source of funding.

Primary Ethics cannot continue without funding, and ethics classes will  not continue without Primary Ethics.

If they cannot go on, children in NSW public schools will go back to navel-gazing during the weekly Scripture period.

Meanwhile of course, the churches who offer Scripture DO have Deductible Gift Recipient status (see attached list).

Who is responsible for this? Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury. Who is his boss? Julia Gillard. Write to them both and have your say.

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Read the article in the Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Send a letter to the editor:
  3. Contact David Bradbury:
  4. Contact Julia Gillard:
  5. Send money to Primary Ethics :
  6. Sponsor an Ethics Class topic
  7. Like Primary Ethics on facebook…:
  8. Spread the word on Twitter: