P&C Info

The NSW Federation of P&C Associations advocates the introduction of an ethics program as an option for children who opt out of SRE.

The Federation will support schools who want to have the ethics program introduced at their school but each school has to formally vote on a motion and send their letter of support to the St James Ethics Centre who is collating the details. The suggested motion to put forward to your school’s P&C is:

“That the NSW Minister for Education changes DET’s policy to allow secular ethics classes to operate as a complement to scripture/SRE classes in NSW primary schools.”

If you want to talk with other parents who have approached their school P&C about voting on the motion to support ethics being taught, please contact Tara Thomas who can provide more details – tarathomas2@gmail.com. Tara has lots of information and ideas she can share with you about how to approach the P&C and discuss the motion.