Ethics program at your school

Q. What should I do to have the ethics program taught at my child’s school?
A. To add your P&C to the list of schools supporting the introduction of ethics classes for children who opt out of SRE, ask the P&C to discuss and vote on the following motion:

“That the NSW Minister for Education changes DET’s policy to allow secular ethics classes to operate as a complement to scripture/SRE classes in NSW primary schools.”

Once agreed by the P&C, write a letter on your school’s P&C letterhead indicating the school’s support. Please use our form and attach your school’s letter. The form will automatically send your Motion Letter via email to the Education Minister, St James Ethics Centre, P&C Federation as well as parents4ethics. As schools vote on the motion, the list of schools below will be updated on this site as well as other sites, so please keep everyone informed.

If the P&C wants to sent the letter by mail, it needs to be addressed to:
Verity Firth MP
Minister for Education and Training
Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place, SYDNEY NSW 2000

The following people need to be sent a copy of the letter:
Teresa Russell
Ethics Pilot Project Coordinator
St James Ethics Centre
GPO Box 3599 Sydney NSW 2000

President NSW Parents and Citizens Association
Locked Bag 40
Granville NSW 2142

Q. What P&Cs have given formal support to offering an ethics program as an option for children who opt out of SRE?

A. For a list of schools who have passed a motion supporting the ethics program click here.

Q. How do I know if I am a P&C member? Can I ask the P&C to vote on this motion? Can I vote?
A. As a parent with children at the school, you can suggest an item (ie support for ethics program) is discussed in general business at a P&C meeting.

To determine whether you are a member of the P&C, consult the following guidelines from the NSW Federation.
P&C Membership.pdf

To determine whether you can vote on an item, consult the following guidelines from the NSW Federation.
Voting Rights.pdf

Q. How can I let other parents in the school know about the ethics program?

A. You might like to use the following paragraph in the school newsletter.

“The NSW Federation of P&C Associations is asking the government to change the Department of Education’s policy on the treatment of children who opt out of SRE/scripture. It has joined with St James Ethics Centre to develop a secular ethics program for children who do not attend SRE. The program is being piloted in ten NSW schools in Term 2, 2010. There is absolutely no desire or intention on behalf of the P&C Federation or St James Ethics Centre to remove SRE from its current position, protected under the NSW Education Act. The issue lies solely in the policy. It is hoped the Minister will change the policy to allow those who don’t attend SRE to have the option to attend secular ethics classes. You can find out all about the initiative at

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